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Session offers online business coaching all over the world as well as strengths-based leadership- and organizational development with a global team of coaches and consultants. Session’s software platform can be licensed by companies offering online coaching, tutoring, mentoring or therapy at scale. Session is dedicated to creating a world with exceptional leadership and sustainable organizations.

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What we do

Our secure and user-friendly online platform and app allow you to schedule and access online coaching sessions in a few quick and easy steps. Additionally, our platform can be used for communication, tracking progress, storing notes, and scheduling meetings. Leaders and employees are kept up-to-date, challenged, and supported by the business coach, in order for them to develop, learn and grow within chosen focus areas.

We have vetted professional business coaches from all over the world. They are highly skilled and experienced in coaching within organizational and business settings.

We offer coaching for all – regardless of your role or location

The vision of Session is a world with great leadership and sustainable organizations. The mission of Session is to make professional coaching accessible to all.

Pernille Brun, Professional Business Coach, CEO and Co-Founder, Session
Pernille Brun
Professional Business Coach, CEO and Co-Founder, Session

Our Team

Session is made up of a carefully selected group of independent professionals working remotely from all over the world. Our team is what helps us excel. We are a remote first company with flexible working hours and an entrepreneurial working environment. We strive to provide equitable opportunities for all.

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Session's Coaching Community

The Session Coaching Community consists of highly qualified, world-class professional business coaches, ready to help clients succeed with their career and business dreams. Session’s coaches bring great diversity, joining the cause from all over the world. All Session coaches come from different backgrounds and have their own unique style. Each coach brings relevant education and certification and has more than 5 years of coaching experience with great reviews from clients. On top of this, they have elite business acumen, a commitment to showing up with presence - and they are, of course, ready for the online.

Session's coaching community on a video meeting

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Our Values

Our values are the guiding principles behind the way we work. They guide us internally in terms of how to work together and develop our product. And they guide us in our collaboration with our customers and the clients we coach.

Strengths Focus
We deliberately look for and identify strengths in people, systems and structures. We build on strengths to overcome barriers and challenges. We spot the positive things.

We try things out, gather feedback, learn and adjust. We encourage keeping things simple and not overcomplicating or postponing.

Curiosity & Imagination
We look beyond the existing and into the future and imagine: “What if?” “What’s possible?” “What’s emerging?”

Business & People Care
We are passionate about helping others succeed. We love organizations and business life and care for the people working in them.

Presence & Body-awareness
We stay present in the moment and help others stay present too. Presence requires body awareness, therefore we encourage listening to and caring for our bodies.

Teamwork and Collaboration
We do things together. We ask for and offer help and build on each other's ideas to make things better. We share. It is teamwork!

We act with integrity, as a default. We value confidentiality and keep our promises.

Session's Founder and CEO

Session was founded by Pernille Brun on the foundations of a career spent running a successful consultancy and helping companies all over the world. Pernille has inspired high-profile businesses on matters of employee, leadership and talent development whilst providing strategic advice on how to create and nurture a great organizational culture in-person or remotely. Throughout her career, Pernille has also worked as a Business Coach, helping leaders and employees navigate and thrive in modern (work) life. Pernille has a speedy mind, a big heart, and grand visions for the future of online business coaching and education.

Pernille is the author of several books on leadership and organizational life, including the best-selling book "Strengths-Based Leadership Handbook" and "On the Move: Lessons for the future from Nordic Leaders".

Read more about Pernille on LinkedIn.

Pernille Brun, Session's Founder and CEO, sitting in a forest in Sweden where Session was founded
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