Hold Strong

Free emotional Support and Mental Health initiative for anyone affected by the war in Ukraine.

Are you in distress and need to talk to someone?We will connect you with a volunteer


Do you need emotional support?

If you are an individual who needs help dealing with emotional stress because you in one way or the other have been impacted by the war in Ukraine, sign up for our free emotional support service. The service is offered free of charge by volunteers from various backgrounds (both trained professionals as well as individuals with a big heart).

Are you in distress?

If you are impacted by the war in Ukraine, you may recognize one or more of the following signs: feeling overwhelmed, helpless or hopeless; feeling guilty without a clear cause; spending a lot of time worrying; having difficulty thinking or remembering; sleeping too much or too little; having changes in appetite.

Sign up to get help!

Register to be matched with one of the volunteers offering free online support for people affected by the war. The service is offered completely free of charge by the volunteers. You will connect online via chat and video with your volunteer.

Get online counseling

Once you have been assigned a volunteer, you will be able to schedule online video consultations. You may also connect to your volunteer via instant messaging. The two of you will discuss how often you want to connect and for how long.

Can you offer your time to someone in distress?Volunteer, and we will connect you with someone in need!


Do you speak Ukrainian or Russian?

If you are a volunteer who would like to offer your service and relieve the mental strain, suffering and stress experienced by people impacted by the war, you can sign up and volunteer your pro-bono work. We will help you get onboarded to our coaching platform, as well as support you with group coaching in order to ensure the quality of the help offered.

Sign up to volunteer

We just need to know a few things about your background so we can best match you with someone in need. We welcome both trained professionals as well as individuals with a big heart.

Brief interview

We will reach out to you and conduct a brief interview. Being a volunteer is very rewarding and tough at the same time. We wish to make sure that you are informed about our support to you as a volunteer.

Onboarding to our platform

Our platform supports online video meetings and chat between you and the people in need who have been assigned to you. The platform is easy to use and we will quickly get you up and running.